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Finding the right fence contractor

If you pull anything from this post, it should be this...don't hire contractors at random!

In contracting fields such as roofing, fencing, and concrete, shady actors and fly-by-night sham companies are a dime a dozen. To keep your family safe and your wallet secure, we are sharing tips for hiring the right fencing contractor!

1) Research.

Do a Google search for the fence company. Take note of reviews, conflicting contact information, etc. Check with reliable trade and professional organizations. The chamber of Commerce may be a good place to start. Also, check with your local Better Business Bureau. They can give you details about the company, their grade, and if there are any complaints on file. Bad reviews DON'T necessarily make for a bad company, but you do want to see what problems may arise and how responsive the company was in dealing with complaints or bad reviews. Also, research your own liabilities. As in, look up contractor and insurance laws in your state and the possible responsibilities you may have as a homeowner, to keep others working at your home safe or to protect your other assets.

2) Ask.

Don't be afraid to ask for proof of licensing, insurance, and examples of work. Your home is one of your most precious investments and it's your right to ensure it's in good hands! You can also reach out to entities, like the contractors licensing board, to verify status. You can even ask for names of employees that will be working on the property. Again, if there's nothing to hide a fence contractor, or any contractor for that matter, won't mind providing as much information as possible. Obviously, give them time to get the information, but ask for whatever you need to feel at peace!

3) Hire local.

With fencing specifically, it is sometimes best to hire locally, depending on your geographic area. Here in Arkansas, the south part of the state and the north part of the state are very different in their ground competition and elevations. Also, local will typically be your most cost-effective option. If a fencing company from far away is offering prices similar to ones in your area, it may be a red flag. Not that that company isn't honest or accurate! But it's worth asking how they are figuring the price. In some instances, contractors will be unfamiliar with the terrain in your area, and therefore not take that into account. And in rare cases, contractors have jacked up the price mid-job, realizing they estimated too low!

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